Posted on Tuesday, July 4th, 2023

On Wednesday 19th April 2023, IIAI Fellowship award ceremonies took place for Paul Darby, Ray West, and, posthumously, our dear friend, the late Mike Flannery.



The Holiday Inn Shepperton, where stars past and present are celebrated, was the venue for three especially important IIAI Fellowship award ceremonies. The ceremonies were important as they allowed Ray West FIIAI (pictured left above) and Paul Darby FIIAI (pictured right of Ray), both of whom had already been added to the IIAI Roll of Fellows, to have their Fellowships formalised.

The ceremonies were commenced by Eira Reed Hon FIIAI, Secretary to the IIAI Executive Committee (pictured 2nd from right above), re-confirming to those assembled that the requisite processes and procedures had been complied with and followed in respect of Ray West, Paul Darby and, for later in the ceremonies, Mike Flannery FIIAI.

With the procedures and processes reconfirmed, Alan Dell MBE, IIAI Executive Committee Chairman (pictured far right above), called first upon Ray to formally receive his Fellowship of the Institute.

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A sought after independent safety specialist, trainer and accident investigator (of note, Ray received his IIAI Diploma in Industrial Accident Investigation and Analysis in 2010, at the same award ceremony where Mike Flannery received his), Ray was followed by Paul Darby, a highly regarded and experienced H&S Manager, investigator and mentor. In order to endorse matters further for the Memberships Committee, Eira Reed also congratulated each recipient separately.

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The Shepperton awards were also an opportunity to reflect, and those assembled did so as they remembered Mike Flannery FIIAI. Mike’s Fellowship ceremony was set aside in May 2021 following his diagnosis with mesothelioma. Sadly, he lost his battle with the disease in April 2022, and his award was made posthumously, and received by his friend and fellow researcher, RDC Director Paul Difford.

Known for many years to many IIAI members, researchers, examiners and committee members, Fellowship is conferred on professionals such as Paul Darby and Ray West, not least, because they continually reveal themselves to be the living embodiment of the IIAI Code of Conduct. Consequently, I confirm to the membership that two more senior and able IIAI members have now been formalised as Fellows of the Institute.


Alan Dell MBE Hon FIIAI

IIAI Executive Committee Chairman


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