The Institute of Industrial Accident Investigators adopted its current title in 1998. As a not for profit organisation (i.e. an Unincorporated Association Limited by Guarantee), it existed as a research platform for industrial accident investigators, and as the means by which their profession and expertise could be formally acknowledged, developed and represented. Eventually, it paved the way for the leading edge work that now takes place at the Research & Development Centre.

By 2004, the Research & Development Centre was firmly established as an integral part of the Institute. Its work load and outputs were such, however, that it required a separate identity and the membership opted for registration at UK Companies House as a Company Limited by Guarantee (i.e. a not for profit organisation). The ‘new centre’ (currently registered as The Industrial Accident Investigators Research and Development Centre and managed under on-going contract with Neucom Ltd) also provides fiscal and administrative support to the Institute’s management.

The creation of the new centre allowed the Institute to focus on the wants of industry as regards it becoming more visible and accessible for membership and training purposes. With the role of the centre established, the Institute’s attention turned in 2008 to the development of the membership base. This was a move into unfamiliar territory since the founders had essentially required new members to ‘find’ the Institute, not vice versa. Nonetheless, concessions have and continue to be successfully made.

The request from industry for a non-examined route to membership that acknowledged existing experience has been met by the initial Grand Father Rights scheme. As of 2012, we have been running an ‘assisted election scheme’ that includes free Foundation level training to support those whose applications for entry based solely on experience might otherwise have proved problematic. Despite these schemes, examined entry via possession of the IIAI Lead Accident Investigators’ Certificate is the preferred route for many.

Over the years, the re-defining of our work and role has seen the Institute go from strength to strength. As an International Organisation, it supports practising professionals world-wide, has its general and training expertise repeatedly acknowledged, and contributes to the direction of a truly unique, International Research Centre.

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The Institute is committed to the furtherance of Industrial Accident Investigation as a unique and distinct discipline supporting the International Risk Management process.

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