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Associate (AIIAI)

Associates are those with an interest in accident investigation or the work of the accident investigator. No other criteria applies, applications are considered individually.

Note: Associates gain free access to the reading rooms, but do not receive access to free online courses.

Apply Now £25.00 (renewable annually)

Associate Member (AMIIAI)

Applicants applying for this grade are declaring that they have commenced the development of basic investigative skills under supervision at work and/or require an understanding of the basic process in order to assist or fulfil some other role or roles and will be successful if they….

  • Are suitably qualified and/or experienced in their usual or main area of work; and
  • Have completed, or will do as soon after election as is possible, the IIAI Foundation Certificate in Industrial Accident Investigation and Analysis. Note: the course is FREE to new and existing Full (MIIAI) and Associate (AMIIAI) Members and is completed online. Associate Members (AMIIAI) must request access details after their election has been confirmed.

Note. When the Foundation is completed for election purposes, a course certificate is not awarded. A credit is recorded and can be identified later on the certificate for any relevant higher level course should the member complete one.

Apply Now (£45.00 renewable annually) if you satisfy the above criteria, and agree here to be bound by the IIAI Code of Conduct.

Full Member (MIIAI)

There are two routes to full membership….

1. Associate Members wishing to upgrade to full member will be successful if they have accumulated at least three years supervised experience with one or more aspects of the investigative process and continue to be suitably qualified and/or experienced in the field/s to which their investigations relate.


2. By virtue of the assisted election scheme, new full member applicants will be successful if they have suitable levels of appropriate experience as accident investigators or with one or more specific elements of the process spanning at least four years and are suitably qualified and/or experienced in the field/s to which their investigations relate.

In all cases, the Code of Conduct requires members to declare the limits of their expertise to clients or employers.

Apply Now (£65 renewable annually) if you fulfil the criteria at 1. or 2. above, and agree here to be bound by the IIAI Code of Conduct.

Other Membership Levels

Certified Lead Investigator

The CertLI designation identifies those who have demonstrated the ability to conduct a full investigation unsupervised and/or take the Lead or Principal role.

A Full Member applying for MIIAI CertLI status should…

  • Have been a Full Member of the Institute for at least three years; and
  • Be in possession of, or working towards, the IIAI Diploma in Industrial Accident Investigation and Analysis; and
  • Be current, appropriately qualified and/or experienced in the subjects and sectors around which they will work; and
  • Obtain relevant support or restrict their investigations to comply with the above point;
  • Attend to any advisory improvement opportunities identified during the application process.

Fellow (FIIAI)

A potential Fellow should…

  • Have been a full, current member of the Institute for at least five years;
  • Hold, or be eligible to hold, full MIIAI CertLI status;
  • Have been deemed suitable as such by their peers;
  • Possess independent references/letters of support;
  • Support and promote the Institute above and beyond normal membership expectations;
  • Be able to present and discuss any topic covered in the Approved Courses Schedule at an appropriate level to a specified range of audiences.
  • Have been interviewed by the Executive Committee and/or parties identified by them.

Honorary Fellow (Hon FIIAI)

Honorary Fellows who are not accident investigators may be elected in recognition of their work and effort in their respective field/s.

Incident Management Technician (IMTech)

This grade is designed to assist and recognise those who are required to plan, practice or execute their employers’ emergency and/or disaster recovery procedures (criteria under review).

Mission Statement

The Institute is committed to the furtherance of Industrial Accident Investigation as a unique and distinct discipline supporting the International Risk Management process.

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