The assisted election scheme complies with the constitution’s requirement to make certain training available free of charge to existing members and those new member applicants seeking election to Full Member (MIIAI) based on prior experience.

A new Full Member (MIIAI) applicant is declaring at least four years (continuous or cumulative) appropriate experience as an accident investigator or with a relevant aspect of the investigative process. As bullet points or key points (i.e. concisely), the level of experience or exposure being relied upon is identified on the application form.

Applicants are agreeing to be bound by the Code of Conduct.

Applicants have the option to complete the on-line version of the IIAI Foundation Certificate in Industrial Accident Investigation and Analysis free of charge and will consider that option. If completed (note: results achieved do not effect applications or membership), new members understand that a certificate is not awarded when the course is taken as a member benefit but a credit is held on record and can be identified on any later, relevant award should one be completed. The course is in English and non UK members should compare any cited legislation with the rules or laws where they live and/or work. Passwords to access the course are supplied on request.

If you require further assistance or guidance, please email We are here to assist your application, not resist it.

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The Institute is committed to the furtherance of Industrial Accident Investigation as a unique and distinct discipline supporting the International Risk Management process.

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