Committed to the furtherance of Accident Investigation as a distinct discipline supporting the Risk and Safety Management process, the Institute will….

  • Uphold and advance the Profession’s Standards.
  • Require members to comply with the Code of Conduct.
  • Promote the Recognition and Professional Standing of its Members.
  • Ensure Members are provided with meaningful training and development opportunities.
  • Ensure Members are appropriately examined and provided with the means to remain theoretically and technically competent.
  • Promote the benefits to Society and Industry of proactive investigation.
  • Maintain a Centre for the reconstruction of accidents.
  • Ensure that relevant parties are aware of research findings, encourage exchange of the same and the free and lawful movement of data relevant to the prevention of accidents.
  • Form, maintain and expand allegiances with National and International Institutes and Bodies.
  • Maintain and develop strong links with relevant Scientific and Academic Communities.
  • Assist the Corporate and Regulatory drive towards fail-to-safe Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental, Security and Risk Management Systems.
  • Maintain a Centre of Excellence for Learning, Research and Development.

Mission Statement

The Institute is committed to the furtherance of Industrial Accident Investigation as a unique and distinct discipline supporting the International Risk Management process.

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