The Institute per se has no philosophy on causation but does, of course, maintain a deep, multi-disciplined understanding of it. Naturally, therefore, we will respond to claims or findings that could potentially impact a discipline’s understanding, and act accordingly. As a result of a Safety Differently article, I posted my intention in February 2017 to pass certain questions to the Research & Development Centre (RDC). Over a 14 month period, a collection of interrelated research reports were produced, and progressively placed into the public area of the IIAI web site. The collection remained in its entirety for 24 months from February 2018 and was then archived for RDC and Corporate sponsor use.

Following requests from the International community, I asked the RDC to re-upload certain elements as time permits. Those elements may be progressively hyperlinked to from the Pt. 1. and Pt.2. texts below which, at this time, summarise some of the findings that lead to the RDC’s current position.

Summary coming soon.

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