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In 2008, BBC Safety successfully applied to the Institute of Industrial Accident Investigators for approval and joint (IIAI/BBC) branding of a newly developed in-house course and program for its accident investigators; the training course, developed by BBC Safety and Neucom Ltd with guidance from the IIAI Chief Examiner, incorporated minimum criteria from the IIAI Foundation Certificate in Industrial Accident Investigation and Analysis course as well as additional elements from the IIAI Lead Accident Investigators’ Certificate course. 


The course, refreshing and supplementing existing skills so as to compliment and support in-house processes, had to fulfil two primary goals; 1) along with pre- and mid-course assignments, be suitable as a stand alone, examined and certificated session for those who could be called upon to investigate or assist with investigations in their divisions; 2) along with pre- and mid-course assignments and peer reviewed post-course assignments, provide a mechanism for those with wider investigative roles to progress beyond the IIAI/BBC Foundation Certificate award to BBC Lead Accident Investigator status and, ultimately, to professional recognition of their skills via the Institute of Industrial Accident Investigators.


The resulting course and program was such that the IIAI Memberships Committee now recognises BBC Lead Certificates as suitable in their own right for Full Membership (MIIAI) purposes of the Institute.    




Above left, Alan Dell MBE, IIAI Memberships Committee Chairman, presents Dave Cooke, Head of Business Continuity and Risk Management for BBC World Service with a landmark IIAI Full Member's Certificate.


During 2009, 39 BBC employees completed the IIAI/BBC Foundation Certificate phases of the program (a further 24 are scheduled for 2010) and some naturally continued on to the higher award phase. Of those, Dave Cooke (pictured above right), Head of Business Continuity and Risk Management for BBC World Service, was first to complete the program and receive a BBC Lead Certificate. Notably, via that certificate, Dave also became the first person ever allowed entry into the Institute as a Full Member by examination on the strength of an in-house award. An historic first, the occasion received formal recognition when Alan Dell MBE (IIAI Memberships Committee Chair) presented Dave’s Membership Certificate to him personally.

Congratulations Dave from all of us here and a special thanks to everyone at the BBC and Neucom Ltd whose efforts made the program a reality.



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