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 Neucom Ltd Retained for Further Four Years

The IIAI Executive Committee has unanimously agreed to retain Neucom's services for four years commencing April 6th 2014 with options to renew. Neucom have been the only IIAI Approved Centre (the BBC's in-house program aside) for the past two years and the decision, based on feed-back from the membership and industry, to retain underlines the Executive's demand for excellence and consistency as regards training in the related fields.

Furthermore, the Executive Committee has (this day, the 6th of April 2014) contracted Neucom Ltd under the same terms to manage the Institute's Approved Centre and Instructor Licensing processes. Prospective organisations and/or individuals are therefore invited to contact Neucom Ltd directly in respects of those matters.

IIAI Ten Year Study

Neucom Ltd and the Research & Development Centre have been jointly tasked to take behavioural and leadership related findings from the “IIAI Ten Year Study” to industry via a suitable employing or sponsoring Organisation. Outputs are available forming a training and development package that can be used as a whole or modified and/or used in part by the relevant Organisation to drive, assist or boost behaviour or leadership focused initiatives. 

Neucom Ltd and the RDC have now commenced work on the "Lead Accident Investigators' Handbook" [more here soon].




IIRSM: Honorary Fellowship for Neucom Senior Consultant.

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