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                                                           Nakheel Seeks IIAI Lead

When Nakheel's General Manager, (Corporate Health and Safety) contacted the Institute in the Summer of 2007, it was a formidable recognition of the expertise and standing of the Institute; however, it was also a stark reminder of the cost of construction in some regions.

Many sources put Dubai's annual construction death toll in excess of 800, so it was somewhat reassuring to hear that the major developer had decided to take the lead in a 'fresh' Health and Safety initiative. Their Manager was critical of safety advisors and training providers working in the region, "some are appalling" he said. In an attempt to address this he revealed that Nakheel was planning to open its own Training Centre in Dubai. The Centre wanted to utilise curricula from a number of long established and credible outlets in order to offer courses itself. Accident investigation was naturally high on the list of prioritiesy as was the qualifying of construction safety advisors in that field generally. Having carefully researched the available options and expertise world-wide, Nakheel chose to approach the IIAI.

It transpired that accreditation to deliver the 'IIAI Lead Accident Investigators' Certificate' course was Nakheel's goal; after all, they had received excellent feed-back regarding it and the improvements that organisations had achieved. However, whilst the course is always reported on as being very focusing, informative and enjoyable, it is extremely reliant on properly qualified and experienced Instructors. As well as being able to demonstrate considerable depth and breadth of subject knowledge to examiners, Instructors must also be in possession of the relevant IIAI Trainers Certificate. In view of all this, the standards required for Approved Centres, Course Approvals and Examinations, Nakheel accepted that they would not be able to secure IIAI Approval for their Centre or any Courses at this time.


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Note to Members, Associated Organisations and Editors:

  • Other than the guidance and advice provided in confidence to Nakheel Corporate Health and Safety, the Institute is not involved with its Training Centre.
  • No course available there, or from any associated party, is IIAI Approved.
  • Organisations utilising the services of IIAI Approved Centres or Licensed Instructors should always verify Centre and Instructor details via direct contact with the Institute.
  • Individuals attending courses advertised as being IIAI Approved or leading to IIAI Awards or Membership should always seek verification via direct contact with the Institute.



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