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All members are bound by the Code of Conduct.


The assisted election scheme complies with the Constitution's requirement to provide certain training free to those seeking election based on prior experience. The scheme is relatively straight-forward and essentially requires only the following;

Extract from the part of the application form as it applies to Full Member applicants (cost of Full Membership is £65):

I hereby declare at least three years (continuous or cumulative) experience as an accident investigator or that I have had that length of exposure to a relevant aspect of the investigative process. As bullet points or key points (i.e. concisely), the level of experience or exposure that I will rely upon is as follows (the form allows for the installation of that limited information).

I understand that the assisted election scheme for Full Members gives me the option to complete the on-line IIAI Foundation Certificate in Industrial Accident Investigation and Analysis free of charge. I will consider that option. I will not be charged for that course and am aware that I will receive a credit for it should I opt to complete it. That credit will stay on my record or be identified on a higher level award should I later complete one. I understand that the on-line course is in English and that non UK members should compare any cited legislation with the rules or laws where they live and/or work. The password to access and complete the course will be supplied to me along with my membership certificate, card and welcome letter and the on-line examination for the course does not effect either this application or my election.

If you require further assistance or guidance, please email us; we are here to assist your application, not resist it.



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